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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sound Voltex games

Sound Voltex (stylized as SOUND VOLTEX, often shortened as SDVX) is a series of a music games by KONAMI. It was tested on various cities in Japan starting on August 26, 2011 until September 19, 2011. It was then released on January 18, 2012.

SOUND VOLTEX II - infinite infection - and SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS are updated versions of SOUND VOLTEX, released on June 5, 2013 and November 20, 2014, respectively. It has since appeared, though more limited, in arcades outside of Japan (including some locations in the US and elsewhere).

At first, i thought this game was like Osu! i mean like Osu! Mania, and it does, just a little bit different from it, the Osu! Mania was developed by PPY and it just a PC games, Sound Voltex was music games that developed by KONAMI and i think the game is just available at the game center in Japan.

SDVX games used a remix music to play it, many music was from t+pazolite and it was remix, and there's from vocaloid too in remixes version, and maybe they're put a lil bit of the original songs on it

the controllers in vocaloid version

Each track usually contains three types of effects—from easiest to hardest: NOVICE, ADVANCED and EXHAUST. However, there are also GRAVITY or INFINITE effects for some tracks. These effects are harder than EXHAUST or are at the same level but completely different from EXHAUST. The player cannot simply unlock them in SOUND VOLTEX STATION, and instead they can only be unlocked by playing Blaster stages.

the basic version

The highscore rank is different too, depends on how much they can catch the tone, here's the highscore table :
GradeJudgment Value
AAAOver 9,800,000
AA9,400,000 ~ 9,799,999
A8,900,000 ~ 9,399,999
B8,000,000 ~ 8,899,999
C7,000,000 ~ 7,999,999
DUnder 6,999,999
*ps the highscore table was from the higher to the lowest 

and here's the music sample from the game :

**pss i really love the music XDD it was soooo cool :3 

A days ago i realized if there's a PC version of this game and you can download the PC version (Click Here) dont worry, it was free XDD, but im sorry i dont know how to make a control of the games, while i downloaded it,i was so blind about this game XDD. But really i loved all the Sound Voltex music

Thanks for reading by the way ^o^
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if you want to know more bout this game, maybe you can check the Wikipedia or the Sound Voltex official website~

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