Saturday, December 26, 2015



Shiro Usagi ish here~

last year at the same date there's something about #10thAcehCommemoration

but this year we made up another hashtag on world wide

that was


oh anyway i made one too

but im not sure if this was good enough or no XDD

oh well XDDD

and here's from my friend :3

thanks to my friends Mutiara Fajrina and Mira Mastura :3 

you can made one too :D

and post it on twitter with hashtag

#AcehThanksToTheWorld or #AcehThanks2TheWorld or #AcehSmartCity

thank you :D

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2 otaku's

  1. A hah ! I saw malaysian flag over there and I will replied and say " On behalf of all Malaysian citizen we wnat to say - you're welcome , I hope we can be a friend forever and ever" haha :)

    1. yeah i hope we can be friends forever :D


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