Time to Delete a non-activable Linkies~

Saturday, December 05, 2015

poor him XDD

well hello minna~

Happy Saturday Night a.k.a Satnight XDD

if you had a partner, walk away together while holding each other had ish soo sweet~ :gavel

if you didnt have a partner, its okay the God save the best for us :yosh

this rainy night i just want to announce something

cause i dont have anything to do tonight

i'm gonna delete all of inactive linkies on my blog linkies

so if you think that your blog was moved, gimme the other URL

if you think your blog was deleted so sorry i need to remove it

im gonna active again in my blog

cause the 2 weeks ago, my internet connection was dead

so yeah i need to hiatus until the Internet Service Provider fix my internet connection

so dont delete my link please :bow


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