Happy New Year 2016

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year~

its 2016 already? oh well it was sooooo fast XDDD the time come and goes like a ghost, and before i knew it, im a 19 years old now, well that's mean im not a kids anymore. Many things happen in 2015, like i lost of both my grandma, and some bad memories about someone and there's a many things that i can write it here...

ohh and this blog too :beg i started this blog from 2012, many content has been deleted, about my life, about my study, about my friend, and many more,
the people come and go, my blogger friends was like that too, but dont worry im still in this blog, this blog ish still there ((even if the adsense didnt want to pay my blog XDD))

really, i've already done it before XDD but the adsense didnt want to pay it, they said that my blog contains many picture, many music and something i dont know about
besides im just a writer, i dont want to take money from whatever i do  in this blog, besides an adsense was soooo annoying XDD maybe ill try it again later :hero when i want to XDDD

well XDD

ohh and again i hope i can make this blog more bigger with many followers and comment on it XDD and many things new X3 like ill try to write a content like this way so it'll make my blog contains much text more than picture (( and ill try to submit it again to gain money :**)) lol XDDD
and hope this blog will stay longer :pray

last night im playing an osu with a blogger named Hyoukurona we've playing alot till i go to sleep XDD
here's some SS when we'll playing it :D :hero

we play both Standard and Catch The Beat, she's sooooo good at Standard XDD hope we can play again soon :pray

oh well maybe it just here my #1 post on New Years Eve~

see yaa at 2016~ :bye

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4 otaku's

  1. happy new year shiro! lama tak blogwalking disini :D

    1. Happy New Year too akak :D

      dah lamee tak jumpe akak lagii XDD


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