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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


i dunno who started it XDD

but it keep showed up on my Facebook Timeline

so ill share it now

credit to the respective owner :3

lol i dunno what to say XDD i think the song was from uttaran, the hollywood films that booming in Indonesia XDD

the song fits the video soooo much XDD

the dessert songs too XDDD

lol XDD really they're so cute :3

and suddenly i miss this series TAT

kay bye~

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4 otaku's

  1. idk if im too young or what, but i cant remember anything about teletubies from my childhood memory >.<

    1. lol maybe u just forget it XDD

      cause the teletubbies is when iam around 10-11 years old

  2. ala ala ala.. comel nya teletubies.. i lovw them much much

    1. yeaaah ikr XDD

      i love them too <3


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